Grey Ghost Bakery has a new phone number-- (843) 724-9898! Grey Ghost Bakery has a new phone number! Please call us at (843) 724-9898!

Of Cookbooks, Cauldrons and Cookies

I am an October baby, and many of you know I love Halloween. You know you may have a Halloween problem when your Halloween decorations far outnumber your Christmas ones! Because Halloween falls so close to my birthday, Halloween-themed birthdays were a natural when I was growing up. So I...

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Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Those of you who know me know that I have tried my hands at a few different things over the years…there was an early stint as a banker, then a sojourn as a staff member for a nonprofit arts group before children came along. While our boys were little, I...

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We have been baking up a storm in advance of the launch of our new website, so we have lots of fresh cookies for you to enjoy! Grey Ghost Bakery is a labor of love—I have loved baking all my life and joyfully share my family’s favorite cookies with you....

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