I am an October baby, and many of you know I love Halloween. You know you may have a Halloween problem when your Halloween decorations far outnumber your Christmas ones! Because Halloween falls so close to my birthday, Halloween-themed birthdays were a natural when I was growing up.

So I was thinking about Halloweens and birthdays past recently, as I was working in the bakery.  My eighth birthday was true to form, with the Halloween theme. There was a pumpkin cake, dry ice in a cauldron of “witch’s brew” (which most of the guests thought was poison because of the smoke emanating from the punchbowl…), bobbing for apples and lots of costumes. What got me thinking, though, as I was rolling cookie dough in sugar, was that one of my gifts that day was something I still treasure…my first cookbook!  While the entrées in the book were interesting (sort of!), it was the baking section that really caught my attention!  I think I made every cookie in the book more than a few times, as you can see from the well-loved pages in the pictures. We hold this book together with rubber bands these days.  I guess you could say the Betty Crocker Boys and Girls Cookbook  planted a seed or two for Grey Ghost Bakery!  I’m just not going to say how many years ago that was!

So, if you like Grey Ghost Bakery cookies, thank my childhood friend, Holly Drafts (she’s the one looking at the camera as I am about to blow out the candles), for giving me that cookbook for my birthday! 

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