One beautiful spring day, probably twenty-two years ago, I had a picnic lunch with Will Bowen, a friend from high school. Our oldest taste-tester was about a year old and he was with us. Will and I were catching up after not seeing each other for several years.

Will recently had introduced a clever product to market, an acrylic apple filled with 365 daily affirmations, that he called “An Apple A Day.” I was a wee-bit envious that he had created his own business, and told him that I was going to start my own business too.  I don’t remember now what my business idea was that day, but I’ve long wanted to have my own company—to have the satisfaction of bringing an endeavor of my own to life, to create jobs and have a positive impact on my community and a positive result for my family.

With one baby at home, and not knowing two more would be joining the family within the next three years, I thought I wanted my own business. The kicker was that I didn’t have a plan for how to start, much less run, said business.  Will actually pointed that out to me that beautiful day—he wisely told me that without a plan, I was just dreaming. At the time, I didn’t care much for his reality check that poked a hole in my bubble!

After lunch, we promised we would get together again soon…and then life got busy. Those other two taste-testers arrived and we were a family.  Will and I lost touch, in those pre-social media days.

Fast forward to 2006 or so, and I was listening to an interesting story on NPR about a minister in Kansas who had started a movement to eradicate negativity called “A Complaint Free World.” When the commentator named the minister, Will Bowen, I thought, “Nah, couldn’t be the same Will Bowen…” A quick Google search showed me that yes, that minister was the same fellow who had created a daily affirmation delivery system all those years before. Will’s life work has continued the positive theme that was present over twenty years ago, as he is the best-selling author of several books including A Complaint Free World,  Happy This Year and most recently, To You, Love God.

And me, well, I finally got a plan and started a little cookie company…I love what I’m doing, doing what I love!



Love this! And it qualifies as a "keeper"…one of those writings that is printed and stashed into my favorite journal to read again and again. Just like your cookies…I’m enjoying them again and again!

Oct 20, 2015

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