20 Sample Packs
20 Sample Packs 20 Sample Packs
$ 38.99

Whether it’s a wedding, baby or bridal shower, birthday party, or a yummy surprise for the lunch box, you’ll find our 2 pack cookie treats are the perfect favor with perfect flavor! Also ideal for snacks at corporate or special events and for stocking the office break room.

Enjoy a tasty Grey Ghost Bakery sampling in our convenient 2-pack treats. Each order includes:

  • 8 Lemon Sugar cookies (4 two-packs)
  • 8Chocolate Chip cookies (4 two-packs)
  • 8 Molasses Spice cookies (4 two-packs)
  • 8 Chocolate Espresso cookies (4 two-packs)
  • 4 Almond Toffee cookies (2 two-packs)
  • 4 Chocolate Bourbon cookies (2 two-packs)

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